Monday, January 1, 2018

Kicking Off A Month of #TECHinELA tips

I have been looking for a way to share and archive ideas on ways to enhance reading and writing through technology.  I have been inspired by Megan Ryder's "365 days of EDU Coaching" and Leah ODonnell's "25 days of Classrooms" about a variety of classrooms implementing exceptional teaching practices. I have learned so much from these posts. So starting today, I am kicking off a tip a day on using technology to enhance concepts in English Langage Arts. I am using the hashtag #TechInELA on twitter to tweet out one idea each day in the month of January. I will also be using my blog hashtag #TeachingandLearningRedefined and #NowClassrooms, so you can follow in a variety of places. Each week of tips will focus on a different broader concept, which are reading comprehension, writing & publishing, communication & feedback, speaking & presentations, and listening, to help organize and give a focus for the 31 days of tips.  The tips are meant to enhance ELA instruction and many will improve media literacy, however, these tips and resources can be used across most subject areas and a wide range of grade levels. These tips are stemming from ideas I have used or seen in action in classrooms which I work.

As the month goes along, please share ways you have used the tips or other ideas that you have. It would be great to see these ideas start conversations about how simple practices can enhance learning for students. I'm excited to share for the next month and I hope it enhances your instruction!

Jenny Lehotsky

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